Friday, August 6, 2010

Falling in Love

The styling of Lucinda Chambers and the photography of Javier Vallhonart, combined with the womanly beauty of Guinevere van Seenus, create a beautiful example of this fall's fashion. A lot of the fashion this fall is made for a woman who has curves and an hourglass figure. Finally! After seasons of clothes geared solely towards women who have stick-thin figures I am ready for some clothes geared towards women with a shapely figure. The editorial is amazing and takes inspiration from Dolce and Gabbana, Mark Jacobs, and Prada.

First three photos from fashion gone rogue
Last three photos from

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What's inspiring me today are closets. To be more specific, it is really other people's closets that are inspiring me. Maybe it is the allure of the many shoes lined up in neat color-coordinated rows or the pretty dresses hung on the hangers. Or maybe it is just that they aren't mine. I guess everybody always wants what they can't have.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair Inspiration

For a long time I have been growing my hair out and I have finally got it to a length were I can braid it and do fun stuff to it. Throughout my hair's growth period I have been collection pictures of inspiring hair pictures and I thought I would share my favorites with everyone.

Can you tell that I am insanely excited about braids this summer? One of the reasons I was most excited about having longer hair was that I would finally be able to braid it. Also I am really liking the trend of super high buns. I have seen lots of celebrities sporting their hair piled on top of their head in a bun. I am excited to use these super easy hairstyles during the summer because, nobody wants to spend a lot of time on hair and makeup during the summer! These two hairstyles give off an effortless chic vibe that every woman strives for.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dior Resort 2011

I need to start out by saying that John Galliano is genius! The collection was inspired by the French New Wave. Galliano is quoted as saying that he wanted to recapture that excitement that was happening at that time in Paris, which is very similar to what is happening in Shanghai today (Style). I really enjoyed the collection, there is a lot of pink, purple, and monochromatic tones. Pink isn't generally my favorite, but this pink was awesome.

These pink outfits are beautiful. They are beautiful and feminine, girly and gorgeous. I especially love the white dress with the pink stripes and ruffles. Most of these dresses are completely wearable for one occasion or another.
Business Woman

Every single one of these outfits I can see myself wearing. I especially love the jacket with the blue stripes in the second picture. The model looks so effortless and chic.

I absolutely love the first dress. It reminds me of a gingham dress and it seems so summery. The formal dresses have so much motion and body. I wish I had the money and the occasion to wear some of these dresses.


Hey guys! I just got feel free to ask me anything!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Inspiration

This summer I am really enjoying flirty, fun, and bohemian looks. My most recent purchase was a new bathing suit. Like most members of the female sex bathing suit shopping is a dreaded experience. Personally, I would rather avoid the experience as long as possible. The bathing suit I bought is one that helps accentuate an hour glass figure. Although, I don't usually like one-pieces, I couldn't resist buying this one.

I absolutely love the color and how the ruching across the stomach doesn't show bump, if one has a bit of a stomach. I was reading the June Vogue and one trend they suggested for the summer was to use a blazer as an unconventional beach cover-up. I can really see this dress looking really good white a nice white blazer. Even as I write this I can imagine seeing this dress in an editorial with the white blazer and a big white necklace.

Florals have been really appealing to me lately...strange because it isn't generally my favorite pattern.

These are some of the floral clothes that I am lusting after.

The next thing that I am really loving is piling on bangles and rings! I am channeling Rachel Zoe

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love Love Love

The Chanel Resort 2011 collection is to die for. The clothes screamed jetsetter and made me want to jump on a plane and fly to an island in the Caribbean. The dresses were perfect for lounging around on a towel, walking along the beach, or sipping a drink at the pool.
These were my favorites from the Chanel Resort 2011 Collection. Of course, it is Chanel so everything is pretty much amazing.